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This page was first published in September, 2013.  This must be a historical events. A blog without any change in 7 years.

I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. When I was a student I took business studies. The concept was to learn more about the business. 

But I forgot the God has restricted my mobility and it would be curse on me to be a human. 

I like to share with you what makes me think of a site like this one, that helps to discover online earnings.

I enrolled in an online earning training site called Wealthy Affiliates. They were offering to have a domain name at a very cheap price. May be it was one-dollar or so. Making a site was a part of the training. I did. 

Later I discovered I really like this site. It was on the first of google. That was also a amazing experience for me. 

Online earning where to start

First thing that will pop up in your mind is, where to start?

I think there are two ways you can earn online. One way is to build your own business. The other is work for somebody else on the online market place. 

Gradually we would start exploring how we can earn from the online market place and from your own business built over the internet. 

You’ll see a lot of scams promising you loads of money if you just spend a certain sum of money for their programs. That is not true. Like other business you need work for online business. Please be careful about these sites. They are huge in numbers. On the other hand if you decide to work for others, that is another stream. 

Online business training

If you want to learn how to make money online you don’t need a business degree. Building an online business at a sustainable level, you need a good training but training alone is not enough. You also need some tools (like Keyword Research Tool, free or at a price). A good support on a continuous basis will be great, if you can get one, on a regular basis.

Online training with a helpful community

I joined Wealthy Affiliate ( for a few months,  as a starter member and then upgraded to Premium membership. In Wealthy Affiliate I interacted community members in many ways. I could talk about anything in the chat window (except promotions) and could put a problem in the discussion where I got quick feedback from other members. I could also write blogs in my profile and got comments and suggestions about the topics. Thus many questions are becoming more and more clear like the fog going away and the Sun ray coming through. You can see a list to know how to make money online fast with your website.

Many years have passed. I am not sure about how much they have changed. 

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