Sell your photos online

Sell your photos online: A guide for a good thought….

Why do you want to sell your photos online? ​Is it that you want to earn some money online? Or you want your photos to spread around the world? ​Do you love photography? Is it your passion? Whatever the scenario, there are lots of places you can sell your photosonline. Initially you will need the following:

1. Digital camera​

You can decide what sort of camera you are going to use. There is a wide range of camera for amateur to professional level. The price is moderate to high. You may start with an amateur level and gradually upgrade to a camera for the professionals. If your budget permits it is better to buy a high end DSLR.

2. USB Cable.

​It usually comes with the camera pack. If you have no USB you can try a card reader for the flash memory and look for a card reader in your laptop.​ After you finished taking photographs, you can download them to your hard drive or other media. You can also keep a copy to an online depository like Drop Box for safe keeping and instant availability.

3. Photo editing software

A free or paid photo editing tool like Adobe Photoshop or Gimp. You may also try for other free Photo Editing softwares like or Google for more:

  1. ​
  2. ​Phoxo
  3. Photo Pos Pro
  4. Photoscape​​​

​​​You will need a photo editing software to enhance or make ready for the sites you are going to submit. Every site has its own set of rules or guidelines how will you submit your photograph for review before it is ready to sell.

If you think you need a refresher on photoshop or learn some new techniques on photography have look at these Photoshop Tutorials

4. Visit stock photo sites

Visit some site that deals with stock photos. Generally you need to open a free account with them. There some sites which accommodate both amateurs and professional photographers, they are known as the Microstock photo site. Read the guidelines before you submit your photos. You may explore some sites:

  1. ​​123RF
  2. BigStockPhoto
  3. Corbis
  4. Dreamstime
  5. Fotolia
  6. iStockPhoto
  7. Shutterfly
  8. ShutterPoint
  9. ShutterStock​​​​​​

​​​​​5. Prepare your photo

According to the guidelines you prepare your photos using the photo editing software. If you are new you can find out what photo editing methods you will need at first like Clipping Path in Photoshop. Some site may require you to declare manipulation made to the photos.

6. Protect your photo

Protect your photo by putting a copyright symbol with a watermark. You can make the © symbol​​ by using the following shortcuts:

  • ​​​​​WindowsAlt + 0169
  • MacOption + G
  • HTML©​​​​​​​​

According to Berne Convention when you create some artwork in any form that tangible in nature copyright applies to that artworks. In the United States of America the life of a copyright is author life and 70 years. However, if you ever want to sue for the stealing and wish to get back damages and legal fees, you have to register with the copyright office.