I love wordpress

Why I love WordPress so much?

For many years I have cherished a desire to have my website. I knew webpage requires extensive programming knowledge. Actually I am not very fond of programming. Because when I tried programming many years ago, the internet was not easily accessible in my country. It was high priced (still it is) and slow. I could not do much with Visual Basic programming and quit after one project done.

A few months ago I joined Wealthy Affiliate with free starter membership. I built my own website in lesson 4 with few mouse clicks in few seconds.  That was really a breakthrough. I  feel like that I can touch the website, my dream.

When I upgraded to premium membership I got lots of resources and support from the community that encourages me to go further with my site with my domain name. This is the site, www.discoveronlineearnings.com. I did all the work myself, buying domain, changing the name server to my hosting, choose theme, build the site and now writing all the articles I love to share with you. All the way up to this, I got tutorials (text and videos) dedicated to WordPress Classroom and help from the WA community.  Veronica.l’s on her training shows us how we can use a WordPress website to earn money online. They are:

  1. Affiliate programs
  2. Adsense ads and other advertising programs
  3. Building a list
  4. Amazon products
  5. Relevant advertisers
  6. Create your own product

If you have any question or you want to add something do not forget to comment.