How to create Addon domain in c-Panel

Create Addon domain in c-Panel

Here I will show how I add an addon domain in c-Panel in my  Hostgator hosting account. (
c-Panel is a web hosting control panel. This is the administrative panel through which you can manage your web hosting account.
c-Panel developed by c-Panel Inc. ( based in Texas, USA and it was born in 1996. This is one of the most used web hosting control panel. After you enter the c-Panel in your hosting account you will see a page like this.
c-Panel Welcome Page
Go a little further and find out the area for Addon domain
Find Addon Domain Area
Click Addon as indicated in the following image
Click Addon Domain
You will be a taken to a page like this
Addon domain creation page
On the first box that says New Domain Name type your domain name without the www infront. It will show a red negetive sign and will be saying this is not a domain name. Don’t worry. After you put the domain extension it will be okay.
Putting Addon Domain Name
After you finish writing the name of your domain properly it will turn in to a green tick. It means it has accepted the name.
Good to go domain name
Click anywhere on the white box that says Subdomain/FTP User Name.
Click and create Subdomain / FTP user
This will populated the box and the next box titled Domain Root.
Populated automatically
For the password, you can have your own password or you can generate a random password from here. In either case, you should copy and paste somewhere in safe. If you choose to have a system generation password click password generator below. You will see a screen like this one:
Auto generated password
Everytime you click the button Generate Password you get a new one. But they will all look like this jumble.
To use the password you must tick the box that says I have copied this password in a safe place. You see the system is really smart. It will make sure that you are doing the job properly. However DO NOT ignore this, do not just click the box without copying. Now to use this password you have to click the button Use Password at the bottom.
Finally click the Addon domain and have your domain ready.
 Click to create Addon domain

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