About WordPress

WordPress was started it journey to support the bloggers to publish their blog in the internet in an easy way. Most of the bloggers are non-tech persons. They want to spend most of their time in writing, not in the learning of technical know how.

Over the decade, it has become a full fledged Content Management System (CMS). A content management system helps to write, uploads and manage the contents published in the internet. The contents are all sort of media like text, image and video.

WordPress is a very easy and neat CMS. It is built on PHP that supports the server side language. All the things that contain inside the WordPress stored in a database called MySQL. Its front end style is manipulated by Cascading Style Sheet or CSS along with the Hyper Text Markup Language or HTML.

The core is always simple. The website is built on themes. Theme is like outer clothing. You add functionality to your WordPress site with plug-ins. There are hundreds of free themes and plug-ins for the WordPress. In my opinion WordPress site has one of the best resource support for its users, from very basic to advance users and developers.

WordPress is an open source software. That is any one can view its code and join the community to help develop the software. There is a community where all volunteers participate to develop the WordPress. It is free for everybody and licensed under the GPL Version 2 or later.

From www.wordpress.org you can download WordPress and install in a hosting company. There are many plug-ins here to download and install in your WordPress site to add many functionality. Virtually you can build almost anything with the wordpress that you can imagine.

WordPress has provided another site for the users who want to start with a free website instantly. It only takes few minutes to build your site in www.wordpress.com. However, it has few options for the free users.