Learn or Not To Learn

One day I was in a chat window when debate started if you should learn the HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL when you are concern about WordPress website.

As an online entrepreneur why should you make your hand dirty by learning these tech things?

What do you think right at this moment? May be you are saying “Yes, that’s right” or may be you are saying “Hey I am owner of a business why should I bother? I can always outsourced them to the service providers.”

Well I think you are right and you are not. That is wired!

We may pose a new question as an extension, if I need to learn, how much?

I think a little discussion about this will make things easier for both of the parties.

In my opinion, it is completely depend on you. I personally love working with WordPress. When I work I always feel to improve things in my site. That creates a feeling inside me to know those markup languages, databases and programming.

Not all of them are easy specially if you have never been in a programming environment. Specially PHP is a really rigid. Just one simple mistake can crash your site for a while. But have you ever think, once you learn them how much power would you have in your hand? Yes, that can be an inner drive to learn.

Even if you don’t feel like learning, at least you should know few things to guide your contractor to get things done properly. Otherwise, you may have to look for another contractor for the same job.

Info Load?

There are loads of learning materials in the internet. Sometimes you may get lost in the information load. Many times it happend to me.

Video Tutorial at rescue

I personally learn from video tutorial from Lynda at Lynda.com. They are a little bit detail, learning curve may not  be easy at the first stage. But the best part of the tutorial at lynda.com is that they have many levels. You can start with category like “Core” or “Fundamental” and progress gradually. At your own pace. I find best way of learning is to keep few minutes aside everyday like half and hour or so in the daily routine. Everyday practice without any long gap in the weeks is a really good way to learn.

My learning method

At first, I simply watch units in a chapter with a relax mode. Then after finishing a chapter I start again and follow along the tutorial with the software. Now with more serious attitude. It may not work for you but you may give it a try.

Video at Lynda.com
There are numerous titles and topics at lynda.com. Lynda.com now taken over by the LinkedIn, the prpfessonal social site. These can be accessed from https://www.linkedin.com/learning/

From most popular to many uncommon topics. They are adding new titles and upgrading the old ones when necessary.

Do you think you might have a look? Have a look at their 7 days unlimited free trial access.. You might be amazed to find the video you were looking for a long time!

So, how do you find your learning? May be you will like to share your thoughts, ideas or experience? Do not forget to comment then.