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Who am I?

I am Sayeed Hassan. After trying many things from regular jobs to self employment I now find that I like online business world.

I have a business major, Masters in Accounting and MBA in Finance. I have interest in many things. I always have a feel to do something creative. I love photography, art, good books, social movies and above all helping people in every way I can.

Due to an attack of polio fever in my childhood I have very restricted movement. I  took early retirement from my Government Airline job. I found a place where I can do the work I love and have some earnings. I have started to learn the topics I love over the net.

I joined the Wealthy Affiliate (WA) for few months to learn online business. This is an online business training center, open learning system and a great community. The part I liked most in WA is interactivity within the community. In WA, I loved to welcome new members, help them in the chat window and in their profile pages. As a reward, WA algorithm ranked me below 30 within a few months. Hoping to get back to WA sometime.

Online business take efforts.

Building an online business is not easy. Like other business it needs investment in terms of time and money. Further a good training that puts a newbie on the right track. But is training enough?

Training without support is not enough

I have taken some local training and tried to implement what I have learnt but I could not. In fact things don’t always turn in the way they suppose to be. In essence, support on a continuous basis is a must for building a successful business online.

There are 100s’ of training offered in the internet. They will promise to make you rich in a very short time. As a trainee in the Wealthy Affiliate I find real training takes time. Like other business you need to give time and budget investment for building an online business in a sustainable level. You can have a look at the review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

Is Google enough?

Like others I tried to find out the solutions by googling. I know you will find it very funny. But it is true because there are so many things I am interested in and every time I start searching I get lost by links and links. (I wrote a Google blog in my Wealthy Affiliate Profile. (My Profile Link.)


Some day I will be successful in online business. So I love this picture as my profile picture.



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